Medical Produtcs [Mippeil]

Mippeil is a line of dedicated containers designed for infectious municipal waste and medical waste produced by medical institutions. 

Our special design prevents any odor or liquid leakages, provides protection against sharp objects, such as needles etc., and allows for a safe and efficient transport. 

Moreover, our Mippeil containers do not produce any harmful substances when burned and we guarantee their high safety level for all aspects, including quality and ecology.

These containers were exclusively designed to protect their users and the environment from any hazardous substances, and they are the first original product developed and produced by TENSHO, which has successfully passed the Japanese and worldwide certification procedure for medical waste containers recognition system. 

※ The medical waste containers recognition system has been replaced by the infectious waste containers evaluation system. 

After collection, our containers can be stacked even into very high piles, and their special design prevents load’s shifting and guarantees safe transport. 

We are constantly pursuing higher safety and handiness, as well as better environmental solutions.