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In TENSHO, the competitiveness of our company is a priority. Therefore, our processes work perfectly to generate results according your production and quality specifications.

What make us different from the rest is our manufacturing capabilities, adaptability, flexibility, on-time delivery and attention to detail to our client’s requirements.

We have more than 80 years of experience in plastic injection molding and product development.

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Our 50ton to 2,500ton machinery helps us carry out plastic injection molding processes to manufacture the highest-quality products.

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Our industrial painting capabilities fuse with technology to create paint coatings that ensure product durability and distinction in the market.

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Our assembly approach is to fabricate a product that accomplishes all the quality requirements for contract manufacturing & assembly in Mexico.

We make all the necessary processes for products manufacturing: plastic injection molding, painting and assembly

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Advanced technology

We have cutting-edge technology to deliver perfect pieces. We always seek to update our machinery to speed up the processes and offer precision in every product.

Our high-performance and functional machinery help in the optimization of the production process. The results are articles of an outstanding quality and on-time deliveries.

Production capability

We seek continuous improvement. Being pioneers in plastic molding is a motivation for us. We are always trying to create, develop and introduce innovative processes for injection and products manufacturing for different industries.

The diversity of clients we manage shows our manufacturing capacity. We attend most of the industrial requirements, including low and high-volume manufacturing in Mexico.


Flexibility first

In TENSHO, we are known for the flexibility and willingness with our clients. We are always able to receive new projects, to overcome our production capability and to accomplish every delivery on due time and manner.

Our production is versatile. We manage a large range of products, from TV and auto parts, to articles for babies, which is why we will not hesitate in taking a new project.

No delayed deliveries

The location of our manufacturing plant benefits our delivery flow. We are located northwest of Mexico, near seaports and key points for distribution.

Our products can travel long distances in short time, resulting in an important reduction of costs due to the accessible selected route.

The way to success is defined by the company you work with. In TENSHO, we have all the benefits that you need to channel your products through the most optimal path.


If you work in the electronics, automotive, medical device industry, or have a business that requires plastic molded pieces, painting or assembly, Tensho Mexico Corporation is the company that can help you achieve your goals

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