Getting familiar with the injection molding of plastics

The injection molding of plastics is meant to produce large quantities of the same plastic product in a short time span, making it a necessary process to satisfy the demand of products on a global scale.

The process of plastic molding to us, have a goal of only providing the highest grade of quality end-products available. We can carry out plastic injection molding processes to manufacture the highest-quality products with 50 to 2,500-ton machinery.

Due to our extensive experience, we can say that the injection molding of plastics is simple, we aren’t afraid to invest in creating molds in the prototype phase. There is great fulfillment been certain we got the right mold attained for each plastic molding project. Our way of doing things got us to be able to do baby products, auto parts, and medical-grade products, for such achievement, we are proud of having the machinery, the facility and the people for the job.

How exactly does injection molding work?

getting-familiar-with-the-injection-molding-of-plasticsAn injection molding machine has three main parts:

  • the injection unit
  • the mold
  • the clamp

It all starts with the plastic pellets getting in the hopper feed into the barrel of the injection unit. Inside the barrel, a special screw transports the pellets forward. The heater bands wrapped around the barrel warms up the plastic pellets. As the pellets are moved forward by the screw, they gradually melt and are evenly molten by the time they reach the front of the barrel.

Once enough molten plastic is in front of the screw it injects the molten plastic into the empty part of the mold called the cavity image, where the mold gives it the proper shape. The plastic solidifies under a minute, the mold opens and the part ejects. Ejector pins ease removal of the part from the mold where it falls into a loading bin. Once the mold closes, the process repeats over and over until the desired number of pieces is created.

The injection molding industry has seen a number of changes in recent years, including extra parts to the injection machinery to either:

  • Improve the time of production
  • Monitor the process
  • Confirm the quality of the end product piece.

This means cycle times can either, be a bit longer or shorter, depending on the main goal for the molded item. The cycle time of the plastic injection molding process can break down into the injection time, cooling time, and resetting or changeover time. By reducing any of these times, the production cost can lower. Frequent mold changes allow inventory to reduce and provide a faster response to market requirements.

When determining the initial process of creation, we can talk about design, prototype, and production.

There is no other way to determine the best process for your project, get in contact with us for more information.