Tensho: a precision injection molding company you can trust

As a precision injection molding company, our continuous improvement assures every requirement is met. The precision injection molding of plastics is the most common method for mass manufacturing products. Due to that, we count with a broad view of all your projects needs, keeping us up to speed with the most recent technology, constant knowledge actualization, and certifications that abides our diligent work. Our experience has let us manufacture from baby products, auto parts, and medical-grade products.

All of the iteration required to get the product correctly prior to its mass production requires both time and money. Why using injection molding of plastics will save you money with Tensho?:

  • The convenience of having a dedicated engineering staff for your brand products.
  • Tensho ensures a design for proper manufacturability across the assembly from the design, prototype, and production stages.
  • Not to mention already having the extensive and up-to-date equipment that is needed, and
  • We reuse the exceeding pieces to eliminate plastic waste.

tensho-a precision-injection-molding-company-you-can-trustEach project and each technology acquisition is assumed as an investment and a contribution to the manufacturing world. Our rich experience allows us to fulfill all the unique and refined needs of our clients concerning: strength, beauty and dimension accuracy of our products. We attend the requirements of any industry in a timely manner. The high prices required to create mold are not a problem, we work them through.

Besides needing input on the most effective way to deliver good results, getting to know your provider is important. No matter the size of your business, good communication is key. We have the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. All of the above makes us known as an excellent precision injection molding company to be in business with.

We have certified and made sure, our facilities and machine handling are done with the aim to make the world a safer place for both workers and consumers. One thing that’s never worth skimping on is safety. Safety and reliability can be the difference between long-term success and catastrophic failure. We understand the importance of such manners. The ability to add accountability and enhance your brand’s reputation over time is an important value to us as well.

All the benefits of each product project we deliver consistent performance, give our organization an increase for job satisfaction, a boost on morale and improve operational results with every single project. We cannot see another way to work as a precision injection molding company.

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