Why manufacturing companies in Mexico are thriving?


The proliferating manufacturing companies in Mexico have been catered thanks to years of international commercial trade agreements. Benefiting from foreign direct investment, the country officials have been in collaboration in international business for a long time. Manufacturing companies successful business in Mexico are a result of the following reasons:

  • International trade agreements, investment in proper city infrastructure, and collaboration with their educational institutions.
  • Mexico’s Commercial trade agreements already set with 11 countries, making it easy to ship raw material, finished parts or assembled appliances internationally.
  • The organization of the same industries ‘clustered’ together in various strategic geographic locations.
  • Mexico invests in training centers, university-industry partnerships, and incentives, to provide the best-skilled labor force.

Major cities in Mexico have done main groups or cluster areas, in which some companies have almost a century’s worth of presence established, known as Industrial parks. Manufacturing companies in Mexico have become known for producing quality goods in highly technical industries because of it. Some examples of those cities are Guadalajara, Queretaro, and Tijuana.
why-manufacturing-companies-in-mexico-are-thrivingTijuana is  the most visited  border city  in the globe. It  has become a manufacturing powerhouse for companies from all over the world. Making it an important cluster for most of the 11 countries with a need for a contract manufacturing agreement.

Not been near is not an impediment to their citizens. Let’s take into account the business relationship that Mexico has with Japan. People learn from the partnerships Mexico has with Japan and improve on their own by learning their language, their cultural social standpoints, and other industrial job opportunities to implement that they want to implement on a daily bases. This makes their labor force unique and more intertwined in the success of all the manufacturing processes involved.

Every year Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy organizes a seminar, called the Agreement for the Strengthening of the (EPA) Economic Partnership Agreement between Mexico and Japan, checking the accomplishments of both countries due to the agreement of EPA. Regarding the industrial sector, the economic complementarity between the two countries with the manufacturing companies has been successful. The main success story is the Mexican automotive industry, in which Japan provides key inputs and significant flows of investment, while Mexico provides human capital highly qualified and a territory that serves as a platform for global export.

Thanks to the hard work done in the country, and their hard-working people, we can combine the 80-year experience to help you with any of your manufacturing needs doing business in our branch in Tijuana, Mexico. Get in contact with us for more information.