We specialized in assembly, painting and contract manufacturing & assembly in mexico. We attend the requirements of any industries in a timely manner, capability or urgency

Unity makes strength

Nowadays, the industry is globally connected. The companies that create products and technology need other companies to unite pieces and create the final product.

In Tensho, we provide solutions to your assembly needs while you focus on your business. We join together small pieces, as well as large parts, for every type of client. We assemble televisions, auto parts, medical device, and toy or sports industry products.

Besides our painting and injection molding processes, we are quality assembly providers. Our workforce is one of the most required globally because of its quickness and excellence.


We join the pieces of your business

We know that the effort of your company is reflected in the products you manufacture, which is why it is important to handle the assembly process to a contract manufacturing & assembly company that offers an impeccable work, able to meet your expectations and requirements.

Our plastic injection molding, industrial painting and assembly service could be the process your company is missing. We join the pieces of your business so that the final product has a solid base and a proper functioning.

We provide assembly services to automotive, electronics and other industries. Tensho is the company with the best results in the international market

Unify your processes

We deliver a reinforced product

Requirement Analysis

Before assembling, we make sure to follow the guidelines, in order to fulfill the quality requirements.

Components Assembly

With a previous training for an adequate process, we carry out the assembly process, with the care, respect to guidelines and the highest productivity and efficiency.

Delivery of Finished Goods

We send the final product anywhere via land, sea or air. Our locations is a strategic place that allows us to be closer to any point without delays or complications.

Assembly Machinery

For more than 80 years, Tensho has worked together with technology to accomplish wonders in industry. As a company manufacturing in Mexico, we provide injection molding and assembly services

With this technology, we are able to reduce workforce costs and improve quality at the same time.


Qualified Workforce

We have employees with great talent and ability to reach the highest quality standards.

Our workforce is one of the cheapest globally; at the same time, it has experience and willingness, which results in impeccable products.

In Tensho, we provide assembly solutions with the best technology, process and results

Assemble with us