In Tensho we have high technology to give life and color to your products. We provide industrial painting services for any type of plastic piece.

Quality in paint coatings

Plastic injection is a high-quality process, but sometimes the finish that molding technology offers is not enough to differentiate the product in the market. It is here where we can choose to paint the products to give them a perfect finish to each plastic piece.

The current demand for products requires constant innovation, unique presentations and quality. Each unit is important; paining is the touch that complements the functionality and aesthetics of the product.

To us, getting new equipment is an investment, reason why we have cutting-edge technology to get the expected results, as much in painting as in injection molding and assembly.


Painting specialists

Besides providing plastic injection molding and assembly services, we offer industrial painting services. This enables us to give a complete service that goes from injection and painting to the assembly of two or more plastic pieces or components of different materials.

We are one of the companies manufacturing in Mexico that provides high precision plastic molding services, assembly and painting.

We provide plastic painting service for automotive, electronics and more industries. Tensho is the company with the best results in the international market

Color your products

A colorful process

Unique Tones

Our painting and colors stand out for its quality and detail. We have unique finishes that we make thanks to the planning, machinery and processes we apply.

Piano Black

This type of painting is one of our signatures. It has a perfect and even high gloss finish: its quality, uniformity and detail are exactly what clients as for in television pieces, auto parts and other detailed devices in the industry.

Contract Manufacturing

We fabricate, paint and assemble your company’s products. The most important thing in Tensho is that our clients sell things that make them proud, and to help their company reach the highest quality, just as its products.

Electrostatic Painting and Robots

Mainly used for automotive painting, electrostatic painting is a total coverage process. Positive and negative charges are applied for an homogenous distribution of color in all the product and a saving in time and paint.

We also have robot arms that automatically paint with exact accuracy and an even and consistent finish.


Pad printing, foil painting and hot stamping

In order to carry out the most detailed requirements of our clients, we have added other sub-processes such as pad printing, which consists in quality and steady prints.

We also perform foil painting to give a metallic touch; and hot stamping, which is an impression to protect the product paint.

Apply the perfect color to your products with Tensho. Our advanced technology guarantees high-quality and durability products

We'll meet your expectations