In TENSHO, we accomplish our clients’ requirements with the best precision, compromise and excellence in contract manufacturing in Mexico


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In TENSHO, we are devoted to provide plastic injection, painting and assembly services for local and foreign companies manufacturing in Mexico.

Our signature is that we are a flexible company, always adapted to the needs of our clients.

We are able to manufacture products for any industry cluster, since we have the technology and the capability to do it.

Plastic Injection

We manufacture products with plastic injection molding, using diverse polymers. We develop molds that guarantee the quality of our plastic pieces, and an efficient injection process.

Our production capacity exceed the 150 metric tons, which is processed with high-precision electric injection molding machinery.


We paint pieces with the most advanced technology to obtain impeccable results. Our industrial painting service stands out for the exact precision and the many finishes we handle.

We paint 4,600 pieces daily. Electrostatic painting, piano black finish, hot stamping and pad printing are some of the specialties our company provides.


Our everyday assembly capacity changes constantly, since we adapt to the requirements of our clients and the sudden changes in the market.

The machinery and labor of our contract manufacturing & assembly company are precise, quick and efficient. The pieces we put together are many; we assemble and manufacture from auto parts to baby products.

Our certifications: UL, ISO9001-IAT 16949:2016, ISO14001: 2011

In TENSHO, we offer a full manufacturing process, adapted to the needs of our clients

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Technology allies

We invest in the necessary machinery and equipment

For more than 80 years, we have trusted in technology for the developments of our products and services. Thanks to this advance, we are recognized as one of the most important companies in Japan.

We have a variety of injection presses to mold small or large plastic products. We know that our advanced technology is an investment to achieve the expected results.

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Process efficiency

Lean manufacturing and Poka-yoke

In TENSHO, our manufacturing system is focused on the reduction of waste, and the improvement in operations. To reach this, we work with the poka-yoke mechanism, with which we identify errors and avoid any production imperfection.

With this attention to processes, TENSHO avoids mistakes in production and promotes an advantageous use of resources, a compromise with the environments and savings for the clients.

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Adaptability for the client

We carry out any requirement

Our client’s needs are also our needs. Therefore, we have a system with which it is possible to provide support to urgent requirements. We stand out as a plastic molding company because we fulfill the requested manufacturing orders as precise as possible.

We are a flexible company, ready to provide our client and find the way to converge ideas and results. Each detail, texture, size and shape is vital to us.

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The ideal location for distribution

In Tensho Mexico Corporation, we are located in a strategic place that allows us to properly deliver finished goods on time. We are one of the injection molding companies with the best location.

Our commercial routes are diverse, quick and convenient for companies that are looking for a reduction of time and transportation costs.

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