Plastic injection molding is one of the most requested manufacturing processes, and a viable and economic alternative

One investment, thousands of pieces

Nowadays, plastic injection molding has become a necessary process to satisfy the demand of products at a global level. Thanks to the advance of technology and engineering development, it is possible to manufacture identical plastic pieces at an industrial scale, with no manufacturing imperfections.

It should be noted that, due to plastic injection molding, the amount of manufactured pieces has no limit: the greater the production, the lower the costs.

In Tensho, the high prices required to create mold are not a problem. Each project and each technology acquisition is assumed as an investment and a contribution to the manufacturing world. (We reuse the exceeding pieces to eliminate plastic waste.)


Pioneers in the plastic industry

Tenho, we have more than 80 years of experience developing and implementing new technology and ways to manipulate different synthetic resins. Our company has found the ideal procedures for each type of mold, design or result.

Not every contract manufacturing & assembly company in Mexico provides a full service. Our plastic molding, industrial painting and assembly company has all the tools to drive efficiency.

We can carry out plastic injection molding processes to manufacture the highest-quality products with 50ton to 2,500ton machinery.

From baby products to auto parts, Tensho is the plastic injection molding company that manufactures with the best results in the international market

Request your products

We design an unerring process


Our engineers, based on the requirements and expectations of the client, develop and supervise the fabrication of the mold, from its design to its validation.


Once the mold is created, the first product trials. This is assessed by the mold manufacturer, the client and Tensho. Every remark is noted to improve the mold or product conditions.


After improving the conditions, the assessment continues until the mold and products are validated. Once they are approved, we proceed to fabricate the product in the quantities requested.

E-MOLD, EMCO and Heat & Cool

For years, our injection process has been known for being one of the most advanced, precise and detailed.

We have temperature control systems for injection molding: the final product is made more quickly and shiny finishes are obtained without having to apply paint afterwards.


Gas assisted injection

To achieve an ideal design in pieces with a complicated design, nitrogen gas can be used to apply pressure in the molded plastic.

This way, we obtain uniformity, perfection in detailed parts and a better finish.

In Tensho, we carry out injection molding to deliver impeccable and quality products to our clients

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