In TENSHO, we are pioneers in the plastic molding industry. We have more than 80 years of non-stop experience developing products of the highest quality


TENSHO: Rising to heaven

In 1936, Goro Kikuchi founded the company Shoshokai, dedicated to molding, synthetic resins manufacturing and other activities. In 1940, Shoshokai turned into Tensho Electric Industries Co., Ltd., and since then, it has been one of the most important plastic molding companies in the Far East.

Due to the company’s growth and the worldwide demand for plastic products, Tensho Electric Industries Co., Ltd. expanded its operations in Mexico, Poland and China in 2007.

In its beginnings, Tensho Mexico Corporation dedicated to the manufacture of television molded parts. Now, the range of products it manufactures covers different industrial clusters, becoming one of the best contract manufacturing companies in Mexico.

Quality & Environment

Quality should be the main focus of a company. That is why TENSHO applies measures to improve manufacturing processes, quality management and design quality. Our strict quality control systems have given us the tools to achieve business efficiency and to get quality management certifications that make us a proud company.

We also work together to protect the environment with an eco-friendly approach in our manufacturing processes. Our environmental policy seeks to address the actions (or lack of them) that stop us from becoming a socially responsible company and helps us keep on track towards the environmental management system improvement.


Continuous improvement

We are convinced that the worth of our company, as well as our contribution to the industry is enriched every day thanks to the continuous development of efficient processes and better products.

We seek to fortify our reach and to keep driving the creation of techniques and fabrication of high-quality plastic injection molding products. To succeed, we rely on the continuous improvement.

Our goal is to give our clients the satisfaction of receiving products of superb quality, and to make them proud of the final product that will be for sale

Increase your quality

Our business approach

We are a big company, supported by 5 factories in Japan and 3 around the world. We have learned that there are two factors that make our industrial machinery work effectively:


It is a Japanese origin mechanism that is used in manufacturing processes to detect errors. In TENSHO, we analyze and get the solutions in order to give the final product a good aspect, functioning and quality.

We encourage the immediate prevention of errors and mishaps, which we mend in order to avoid imperfections in our products.


TENSHO’s quality policy is strengthened by our employee’s contribution. The key for a company like ours is having efficient communication and working hand by hand.

This is how we manage to identify challenges in the manufacturing process, to therefore get as a result an appropriate product on time.



In Tensho, we are in a constant perfectionist process regarding our technical and operational abilities. We want to become a company that stands out for its engineering processes and the work of its people.

Our goal is to make clients trust us for the benefits we offer, such as on-time delivery, production flexibility and high-quality contract manufacturing & assembly services.

With the help of technology and engineering, we are able to develop more efficient processes to drive the improvement of parts manufactured through injection molding.

Compromised with our clients

We are a compromised company, with responsible and experiences employees, with leadership, discipline and honesty. We stand as one of the most important plastic companies thanks to the values on which this business was founded, that are kept until these days.

Respect, integrity, loyalty and equality are our foundations. Currently, our service of contract manufacturing in Mexico is focused on working with clients that can get a real contribution from us.

We try to contribute to the development of high-quality products, with the help of our advanced technology and process efficiency. We know we can achieve this with our technical abilities and the experience of more than a century.

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In TENSHO, we develop new products continuously, since we are pioneers in the plastic injection molding industry

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